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Welcome to bulltown.2022, a remix of words and images, circa 1997-2004 plus other works (old and new) of the same spirit. Thanks for visiting.

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I got yer ai-generated bull* right here buddy

Though Iโ€™ve got to admit itโ€™s fun playing around with AI, I canโ€™t help but wonder where all the images used to train the software come from. Did some artist out there draw a bull that helped train the software though they never intended their art be used that way? Or maybe the artistโ€™s work was licensed to be used only with attribution.

So itโ€™s fun but I feel a little creepy about using the image here. Iโ€™ll at least give a little credit to the free app I used, Draw Things (works on iPad Pro M1). Account sign-up and API key are not required to use the app.

The text of this post was written by a human being, thank you.

* This is bulltown after all.

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