pride #haiku

the world keeps turning
haters do not get control
free people exist

There’s a bunch of new pots in the webgarden and the button wall keeps growing. If you wanna explore the web a little, go click on a pot or garden to get started and let links be your guide along the way - it’s fun!

And while you’re here, feel free to say hi. Cheers.

Now that the dust has settled from the recent server fiasco, I’m pleased to say that bulltown and all my other webthings are back. If you’ve bookmarked us, there’s a list of updated URLs which you might find useful. And yeah, if you’ve bookmarked us, or link to us, thank you!

Recent updates include the webgarden, images, and button wall. Nice to see you again!

I got yer ai-generated bull* right here buddy

Though I’ve got to admit it’s fun playing around with AI, I can’t help but wonder where all the images used to train the software come from. Did some artist out there draw a bull that helped train the software though they never intended their art be used that way? Or maybe the artist’s work was licensed to be used only with attribution.

So it’s fun but I feel a little creepy about using the image here. I’ll at least give a little credit to the free app I used, Draw Things (works on iPad Pro M1). Account sign-up and API key are not required to use the app.

The text of this post was written by a human being, thank you.

* This is bulltown after all.