It’s been a long journey back to bulltown - this is kinda where it all started for me on the web. Back in 1996, my first website was hosted by my internet provider at the time (a ‘~jenett’ folder on their server - no domains, scripts, includes, etc. - just basic hosting). It wasn’t long before I moved to a separate web hosting provider.

Some of bulltown’s earliest content was part of, a domain I registered in 1997. As my plans for coolstop evolved, I registered a year later to house my creative content. Coolstop went on to be a site-of-the-day type thing that was updated daily for roughly 13 years and bulltown was regularly updated through 2004.

Many other webthings came between then and now - some are still active while others remain online as archives. There’s a list of my various projects on the about page.

Getting back to bulltown is helping to rekindle a certain spirit for me. Like I say about our house which we’ve lived in for about 16 years - this feels like home. And I’m happy you stopped by. Welcome and thank you.